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The Smallest Country In The World Actually Has The Largest Book Collection In The World, Where Is It Located?

The Smallest Country In The World Actually Has The Largest Book Collection In The World, Where Is It Located?

The Vatican is only 850 meters wide and 1,046 meters long. Moreover, the Vatican is surrounded by a giant wall 3 km long.

The size of the Vatican is only one-eighth the size of New York’s Central Park, or to be precise about 100 hectares.

The Vatican’s last known population was also very small, around 800 people.

Even so, the Vatican is still busy with tourists doing religious tourism.

The Vatican is also the library with the largest collection of books in the world, which makes this another unique thing.

The Vatican Library has a collection of more than 1.1 million books. This number continues to grow to 6,000 books a year.

Most of the Vatican Library’s book collection is in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.

With a small area, the Vatican State also has a railway. This rail is also the shortest rail in the world with a length of 300 meters.

The Vatican itself only has one station with freight trains, so there are no regular trains here.

So, that’s some interesting information regarding the name of the capital of the Vatican as the smallest country in the world.

The Vatican is the smallest country and the center of the Catholic Church throughout the world. The name of the capital of the Vatican is Vatican.

Reported by JemberNetwork citing Tobing’s opinion in a document entitled The Vatican’s Role as a Global Catholic eschatology and various other sources, the Vatican has an important role in achieving international peace as a global Catholic eschatology.

Apart from being the center of the Catholic Church, the Vatican has several unique facts that you need to know, here are unique facts about the Vatican State.

The Vatican is a country located in Europe. One of the unique facts about the Vatican is that there is a country within a country.

The Vatican State is located in Italy, specifically in the city of Rome.

In ancient times, the name of the Vatican was the Papal States with jurisdiction over half of the Italian peninsula.

After the revolution, the small kingdoms were united and the Papal States finally separated and left behind a small complex on top of Vatican Hill.

The existence of the iconic building St Peter’s Basilica.

This church covers an area of ​​around 23,000 hectares and can accommodate around 60,000 worshipers.

This church building is located under the tomb of the first leader of the Catholic Church, commonly known as the Pope.

Moreover, this basilica has also been the residence of popes, church officials and nobles in the past. The tombs are also beautifully designed and quite striking.

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