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7 Libraries with Unique Designs in the World, Some from Indonesia?

7 Libraries with Unique Designs in the World, Some from Indonesia?

Apart from being a place to read books, some libraries can also be a place to pamper the eyes with their unique designs. In fact, some libraries are deliberately built uniquely just to attract visitors.

Apart from that, the visual beauty of some of these libraries can make readers more comfortable to stay there for a long time. Well, detikEdu has succeeded in summarizing libraries with unique designs throughout the world.

1. Strahov Theological Hall, Prague, Ceko

The first library came from Czech. It is known that before being used as a library, this building used to be a monastery, you know, detikers. The Strahov building only began to function fully as a library in 1979.

It is not surprising that it was previously used as a monastery building. The interior design of this library displays around 18 thousand religious texts including the Bible in various languages.

2. Biblioteca España, Medellin, Kolombia

The Biblioteca España library was rebuilt in 2007 using a simple brick and stucco structure. Its physical appearance looks even more unique because it was built on a hill.

The three buildings that rise on the hill are used as a community center, auditorium, and its own library. Inside, this library uses 3 mezzanine model floors which adds to its uniqueness.

3. National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

The building that looks majestically towering among its surroundings is the national library of Belarus. This architectural intervention library of Victor Kramarenko and Michael Vinogradov has 23 floors inside.

Not only that, they also use glass panels for the exterior design. This glass panel will look like a sparkling diamond at night.

4. Danish Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish library has been established since 1648 by King Frederik III. Because it used to be used as a government library.

Apart from its unique interior design and built with lots of glass, the Danish Royal Library also offers books printed since 1482. Every book since the 17th century can be found here.

5. Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Next is the library building with a unique design from Brazil. The unique impression of this library can be seen from its interior design which is decorated with various paintings and statues. The paintings and sculptures on display apparently contain educational material, you know,

Apart from its unique interior design, this library is also home to more than 350 thousand books. Even books from the 16th century to the 18th century can be found here.

6. The Arabian Library, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Arabian Library of Arizona’s library building was inspired by a canyon in Arizona. The interior is uniquely designed like retail shops to invite young people to come read in the library.

Apart from that, the interior of this building uses a lot of recycled materials. For this reason, The Arabian Library received an intelligent environment award in 2008.

7. Tianjin Binhai Library, Tianjin, China

The next library comes from Asia, China. Tianjin Binhai only opened in 2017 and receives more than 10 thousand visitors per day. The unique thing about this library is that the bookshelves are designed at ceiling height which can accommodate many books.

However, what is even more surprising is that not all the books seen are real. The part of the bookshelf that cannot be accessed by visitors is made from aluminum plates digitally printed with images of books. It is not surprising that photos from this library have gone viral on social media at one time.

Those are 7 libraries with unique designs in the world. Detikers interested in visiting?

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