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Historic & Cool Libraries in Paris

Historic & Cool Libraries in Paris – The French really value their rich culture and history. Sometimes, I like to be too proud and tend to be arrogant, hahaha… But what else, what is called intellectual culture and tradition is really deeply rooted in French culture. If my younger brother said while cursing in annoyance mixed with admiration “No wonder you’re arrogant, you guys are really good at starting out” (huahahahah…)
It’s not surprising that there are so many libraries here. Starting from modern and minimalist city libraries, to historic libraries hundreds of years old with antique collections and spectacular architecture, it’s all in Paris.
This time, I share three historical libraries in Paris that book and architecture lovers must visit.

1. Mazarine Library

This library is the oldest public library in France, built by Cardinal Mazarin in the 17th century. This library is located in the Palais de l’Institut de France, a legendary organization tasked with preserving French culture.

Not only is the book collection unique, old and rare, but the classic architecture of the Bibliothèque Mazarine also makes this place a must-visit.
Now, you can do it for free aka gratis tis tis, but you can also remember to pay for it. You can then start the time by melengoes and then. This place is suitable for studying because it is calm and peaceful, it has a very intellectual vibe, you know. Well, free wifi can be accessed via the computer.

Then you can get a new ID card, you can get it for free for 5 hours per day (pay the rest!). We can choose a book from the extraordinary collection using an electronic catalogue, then the officers will give the book to the table. I really feel at home here because all the officers are friendly and very helpful.

  • Address: 23 Quai de Conti, 75006 Paris
  • Opening hours: every weekday (Monday-Friday) 10am-6pm

2. National Library of France Richelieu Site

Also known as the national library, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) is the largest French library with a collection of around 40 million books and other publications. Crazy, right? The collection is so large, the BNF has several buildings in the city of Paris. However, the Richelieu site is the most beautiful and historic BNF building.

Unfortunately, access to borrow books is only allowed for Masters students and above or those who are conducting research. Even if there are certain majors, for example: Art, History, etc. and documents are needed to prove it. So basically, if you just want to hang out here, you can’t! But thankfully, visitors are still allowed to enter the room to just admire or take photos of the architecture which is truly WOW!

  • Address: 58 Rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris
  • Opening hours: every day except Sunday, 9 pages – 8 pm

3. B ibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève

The library began as a collection of the Sainte-Geneviève monastery in the 12th century. Today, the library is part of the Sorbonne University, Paris Cité. Entry is free, but you have to fill in the form first. It’s better to come early in the morning, because places are limited and there are many students who want to study here. The architecture? Hwahhh, just look at this photo, I’m amazed to see it!

For those who want to just visit without reading a book, you can come between 2pm-6pm for a quick 10 minute visit (I’ve never tried it, it would be a shame not to sit and enjoy the atmosphere).

  • Address:10 Place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris
  • Opening hours: every day except Sunday, 10am-10pm

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