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The Most Beautiful Libraries In Rome

The Most Beautiful Libraries In Rome – This is simply the geographical, cultural and historical capital of Italy. Follow our guide to the best and most beautiful libraries in Rome to experience Italian culture in its purest form.

Vatican Library

Vatican Library, Cortile del Belvedere, Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Even though it was officially inaugurated in the 15th century, the Vatican Library places a high priority on it. Certain sources even suggest the library has existed since the 4th century. The Vatican Library not only holds papal theological documents, but also other interesting artifacts such as Henry VIII’s love letters, ancient Chinese manuscripts, and one of only 50 Bibles made especially for the Roman Emperor The first Christian, Constantine. With nearly 2 million books in its store, the wonders of the Vatican Library know no bounds.

Pontifical Lateran University Library

Pontifical Lateran Literary Library, Piazza San Giovanni In Laterano, 4, Rome, Italy, +39 06 6989 5599

Pontifical Lateran University, also known as ‘The Pope’s University’, is a truly Roman institution and the university of Vatican City. In 1854, Pope Pius IX brought together the best and most important libraries around Rome to form the Pontifical Lateran University Library, a university library, one of the most beautiful in the world. This seventh-floor library boasts shelves upon shelves of interesting documents, influential journals, and treasured books. In 2009, the library won the highly coveted Italian Intervention for New Construction award which recognizes places of architectural significance that have made strides to innovate and evolve.

Angelica Library

Angelica Library, Piazza di Sant’Agostino, 8, Rome, Italy, +39 06 684 0801

Located just a few streets from the stunning Piazza Navona, the Angelica Library is yet another display of the sublime beauty that has earned Rome fame. Opened in 1609 by a bishop, the library holds many of the most important documents relating to the Reformation and Counter-Reformation – making the Angelica Library a must-visit for history buffs. The library is also famous for its extensive collection of various sacred books and priceless editions of rare works by the world-famous Dante, Boccaccio, and Petrarch. The archive of 15th to 18th century Italian theater and literary works here is one of the best available.

Vallicelliana Library

Vallicelliana Library, Via della Chiesa Nuova, 18, Rome, Italy, +39 06 6880 2671

The Vallicelliana Library is a stunning example of Baroque architecture. Dating back to 1565, the floor-to-ceiling shelves towering above visitors contain hundreds of important documents that act as valuable sources for some of the most influential events in Medieval history, as well as the Reformation. An extraordinary collection of photographs and a special section dedicated to music have for years sparked the interest of visitors who want to explore the best of Italy’s culture and past. The extraordinary beauty of the library ensures its place on the list of the most beautiful libraries in this fantastic city.

National Academy of Sciences Library

ibrary of the National Academy of Sciences, Palazzo Corsini, Via della Lungara, 10, Rome, Italy

Another wonder of the Baroque period, this portrait of the opulence and extravagant spending of Italy’s past has acted as a repository for the book collections of the Roman National Academy of Sciences for many years. Originally a palace, the building still retains all of its majestic past splendor in its sweeping arches, soaring columns, and gleaming marble. The Academy is one of the most prestigious in Italy, counting Galileo himself among its former members. The library’s idyllic location, backing onto Rome’s magnificent Botanical Gardens, only adds to the stunning atmosphere. The store includes important works on architecture, astronomy, oriental philosophy, mathematics, and modern and ancient literature to name but a few.

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