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8 Cool Libraries in Jakarta and Surrounding Areas

8 Cool Libraries in Jakarta and Surrounding Areas

Urban life still offers pleasure for those who like to read books. Some are in the form of libraries, others are integrated with cafes. These are a number of reading rooms that can become a “book haven” for residents of the capital city and its surroundings.

1. Daniel S Lev Law Library

daniel s lev law library

Looking for references about the law? Daniel S Lev Law Library is the answer. Founded in 2006, this library exists as a form of appreciation to Prof. Daniel S Lev for his services in developing legal science in Indonesia. He really provides a lot of ideas and views in the legal field.

This library is part of the will of Daniel S Lev, an Indonesianist from Washington University, Seattle, United States. Daniel really wants to give away his entire collection of books so that many people can read them. With the agreement and assistance of a number of parties, this library was built.

The library collection is fairly complete. More than 12,000 book titles can be accessed. Membership only applies to academics from STH Indonesia Jentera,, PSHK, and LeIP. This library uses an open service system. So, everyone who wants to read can go straight to the shelf to find the collection and can immediately read the book on the spot.

2. DKI Jakarta-Kuningan Provincial Public Library

Located in one of Jakarta’s business centers, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library in Kuningan is like an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle.

This library has a complete reading collection for children, teenagers and adults. Being in this place is even more comfortable thanks to the availability of tablet computers and desktop computers equipped with fast Wi-Fi access. Not to mention the friendly and alert service.

For those of you who want to hold an educational event, there is a hall with a capacity of 50-150 people. Interested in visiting? Everything is available free of charge, especially for residents with Jakarta ID cards.

3. DKI Jakarta-Cikini Provincial Public Library

Being in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library is very enjoyable because it is filled with various types of book collections. Starting from elementary school children, students to adults often visit this library.

The building consists of 3 floors. On the 1st floor, there is a collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Floor 2 is a playground which operates on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00–12.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the 3rd floor holds special references that can only be read on site. Membership is only valid for Jakarta KTP holders.

4. Compass Information Center

Compass Information Center

Finding old archives is not an easy matter. Luckily, the Kompas Information Center (PIK) can be relied on. There are around 80,000 collections with Indonesian themes, including books, references, maps, magazines and national newspaper clippings. There is also a collection of literary and fiction books, both new and old collections.

Apart from supporting the needs of the Kompas daily editorial team , PIK serves the information needs of general visitors. The online catalog can be accessed via the website

5. Rabbit Hole Library

Starting from a hobby of collecting children’s books, Devi Raissa presented the Rabbit Hole Library. All the books in this place are truly his personal collection. There are also children’s books published by Rabbit Hole. Visitors are only allowed to read books on site.

This library is part of a psychology clinic which also often holds parenting- themed activities . As a guide so you don’t get lost, look for the Rabbit Hole Library with a wall depicting a rabbit engrossed in reading a book.

6. Jungle Reading

7. The Reading Room

This cafe and library offers a comfortable place to read or write. There are a number of interesting books in The Reading Room, visitors can read or buy a number of books at special prices. The atmosphere is relatively calm.

Those of you who are looking for a moment to read while accompanied by a cup of coffee will definitely feel at home for a long time in this place. The Reading Room also often holds various activities related to the world of literature, for example book launches and poetry readings.

8. UI Library

UI Library “The Crystal of Knowledge” is open to the public. Visitors from outside UI can take advantage of the facilities and services and are subject to applicable rules and regulations. For example, visitors outside UI are charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 per day. Visitors outside UI cannot become members of the library and cannot borrow books, but can read or photocopy the collection according to applicable regulations.

This place has a collection of more than 6 million books and can accommodate 10,000 visitors at once. This library has a green open space to enjoy the view around the UI Rectorate lake. There is also a Korean restaurant, cafe, coffee shop and lounge area.

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