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5 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World that Store Various History

5 Most Beautiful Libraries in the World that Store Various History

Not only does it present thousands of books that can expand and develop their knowledge, the best libraries in the world also display magnificent and beautiful architecture and store a variety of history from that place. Apart from that, there is usually a meeting room inside which brings together great people who exchange interesting ideas and ideas. The following is a list of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina di Alexandria, Mesir

Inaugurated in 2002, Bibliotheca Alexandrina is here to restore the spirit and knowledge of the largest and most complete ancient library in the world. This original library of Alexandria attempted to house the largest collection of books and manuscripts of its time with Alexandria often considered the capital of knowledge before it was destroyed in a fire nearly 2,000 years ago.

2. Stuttgart City Library in Stuttgart, Germany

When you visit here, your eyes will be treated to a sparkling white view with sharp line details that create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The Stuttgart City Library was inspired by the design of the Pantheon in Rome. Germany-based Yi Architects took a minimalist approach to design a nine-story library with an open, multi-story reading room shaped like an inverted pyramid. The only color inside this cubic building comes from the thousands of books lining the shelves.

3. Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This beautiful Neo-Manueline masterpiece contains the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese literature outside Portugal with nearly 400,000 rare manuscripts, single works and unique proofs adorning every shelf of this library. A trio of Portuguese immigrants originally founded this library in 1822 to bring literary traditions and masterpieces to newly independent Brazil. In 1887, the library opened to the public featuring a luminous three-story structure by goldsmith António Maria Ribeiro.

4. Tama Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan

This library displays a minimalist and charming building. The concrete arches of the Tama Arts University Library in Tokyo add beauty to the ancient domed space that looks like a wine cellar and multi-story library. In 2007 architect Toyo Ito completed the building’s slender structure with the intention that the curved details could be adapted to the sloping outdoor landscape. The first floor has an open gallery space for various art exhibitions and on the second floor there are almost 100,000 books.

5. Abbey Library of St. Gall di St. Gallen, Swiss

The library was originally attached to the main church of Saint Gall Abbey and has religious collections dating from around 820 AD. As the monastery’s catalog of scientific writings and manuscripts grew, the collection was moved to a Baroque hall richly decorated by Peter Thumb in the mid-18th century. There were intricately carved wooden shelves to hold open-books that could be read by visiting public.

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