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5 Most Iconic Libraries to Visit in India

5 Most Iconic Libraries to Visit in India – If you’re a bookworm looking for a quiet and peaceful place to read your favorite books, is there anything better than the library? There are several iconic and magnificent libraries in India that will not only amaze us with their large book collections but also with their attractive architecture.Check out the following five iconic libraries in India.

National Library of India in Kolkata

Founded in 1836, the National Library of India is located in Kolkata and is one of the largest libraries in the country by number of books.Spread over an area of ​​30 acres, the library served as the official residence of the Deputy Governor of Bengal before India became independent.The huge library holds more than 2.2 million books along with magazines, manuscripts and more than 86,000 maps.

Delhi Public Library in New Delhi

Known as one of the busiest public libraries in South Asia, the Delhi Public Library was initiated as a UNESCO project by the Government of India in 1951.The library has a collection of around 1.8 million books in various languages.With 36 categories, this library also houses archives of newspapers, magazines, a collection of old photos, and a collection of DVDs on important issues.

State Central Library in Hyderabad

Built in 1891 by Nawab Imad-ul-Mulk, the State Central Library is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.Spread over an area of ​​72,247 square meters, this library was given status as a historic building in 1998.The library holds more than half a million books, among them 36,000 rare books that have been digitized.There are also rare collections of Arabic, Urdu and Persian manuscripts and magazines.

Krishnadas Shama State Central Library in Goa

One of the oldest public libraries in India, the Krishnadas Shama Central Library was founded in 1832 by Viceroy Dom Manuel de Portugal e Castro.National Library status was granted to this place in 1897.The library has more than 40,000 volumes of pre-liberation era collections and 1.8 million books in various languages.This library provides digital services and is said to be the only one to implement RFID technology.

Saraswathi Mahal Library in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Located within the Thanjavur Palace campus in Tamil Nadu, the Saraswathi Mahal Library is said to have been established during the reign of Thanjavur Nayak King between 1535-1675 AD.The library contains around 60,000 manuscripts, 39,300 of which are in Sanskrit.In this place there are also palm leaf manuscripts in various Indian languages ​​preserved on microfilm.

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