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The Origin of the Grandest Library in Riau (Soeman HS Library) – Riau PROVINCE is one of the Provinces which is developing very rapidly in all sectors including Infrastructure, Education, Population and other developments. For Infrastructure, Riau Province in previous years already had 1 (one) unit of Library Building but it was not sufficient to be used as a building. which arouses passion or stimulates interest in reading for pupils, students and the people of Pekanbaru city in particular and Riau Province in general.

Besides, the library, which at that time was called the Riau Provincial Regional Library, was far from public access, either geographically on the outskirts of the city or because of the difficulty of accessing public transportation to get to the library location. Apart from that, to improve the welfare of the people of Riau Province, it is very necessary to be supported by facilities in the form of adequate library building infrastructure, easily accessible to the community and various library facilities that can attract people to come to the library. On this basis, the Riau Provincial Government really needs to build an adequate library building with various library facilities.

It started from there that the Riau Provincial Government made a breakthrough by moving the Riau Province Regional Library which was previously located in the Gobah area, Sail District to a new location on Jalan Sudirman which is a very strategic location in the Pekanbaru City Center. Geographically, moving the library to a new location (Ex. Riau Province DPRD Building) is very profitable because it is in the city center and can be easily reached by the public from all directions and is located in the Riau Province Government Center. However, from the aspect of library service facilities it is not adequate because this new location is a council members’ building and not specifically intended for a library.

To answer these challenges and to increase human resources in Riau province, the Governor at that time, Mr. Rusli Zainal, initiated the construction of a new library building which is now known as the Soeman HS Library. The construction of a new building is very urgent. Apart from being in accordance with the Governor’s vision and mission to improve human resources, this library will also become a reference in the future, especially as a center of excellence for local cultural literature, namely Malay culture and other local cultures in the Sumatra and surrounding areas. The name of the library, which was inaugurated by Vice President Yusuf Kalla in 2008, was taken from the national literary figure of the Riau New Pujangga Force who was phenomenal among the public, Mr. Soeman Hs.

The Origin of the Grandest Library in Riau (Soeman HS Library)

The initial concept for the construction of this library building was to combine old buildings without remodeling old buildings which have historical value for the people of Riau province, namely being the forerunner to the symbol of democracy in this country. The merger of the halls which are now named the Ismail Suko Hall and the Wan Ghalib Hall by building a new building with 5 (five) floors in the middle and covered by a rehal-shaped roof. This can be seen in the image below.

Photo: Ex Building. Riau Province DPRD (Initial Concept of Soeman HS Library)

The construction of the new Library Building does not renovate buildings that have historical value. As well as the thoughts expressed in the understanding of Islamic Architects and Modern Malay culture without ignoring distinctive characteristics such as:

  1. The tradition of the Riau community is the Malay Community which is rooted in the teachings of Islam.
  2. Traditional elements as building accentuation.
  3. The development of traditional Malay architecture towards modern Malay architecture is
    a unique and dynamic change.
  4. Modern does not mean abandoning past forms or forgetting the traditional forms of Malay architecture, but modern in this case means reforming old forms into more modern forms, both in design, choice of building materials or method of implementation.

Apart from that, trying to apply the values ​​of Malay, Islamic and modern architecture in an effort to produce a representative design, which has a strong and sturdy character and has high artistic value, so that the building can last throughout time and is attached to Malay cultural values, religious as well as monumental and eternal. At every stage of the design, we always try to explore and apply Malay and Islamic elements which are then expressed and translated into the use of modern building materials to present a sturdy, monumental and timeless design. The desire to continue to maintain Malay culture is based on the awareness that Malay culture and language are the roots of Indonesian culture and language as priceless ancestral heritage.

Philosophical Concepts

The construction of the Soeman HS Library building is based on an architectural concept that supports the Riau Province Vision 2020, namely ” The realization of Riau Province as the center of the Malay economy & culture in a religious, physically and mentally prosperous society in the Southeast Asia region in 2020 “, this is reflected in the basic concept the roof of the building is in the form of a Rehal Al Quran, as a place to praise the greatness of the Creator Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, through his command, namely Iqro’ = read .

“Conceptually, the Soeman HS Library Building, is a symbol or metaphor of the form of rehal Al Qur’an which is implemented on the shape of the roof part of the building, to integrate the buildings located below it into a whole building unit”.

The form of Rehal is a philosophy of Islamic teachings that always glorifies the greatness of Allah SWT who through His word encourages all His people to always learn by reading IQRO’ (Surat Al-Falaq 1-4).

The new 6-story Soeman HS Library Building is covered with glass material to give a transparent/see-through impression so that it attracts the attention of everyone who passes this building. Natural lighting is utilized as much as possible for overall lighting which is supported by the use of glass material around the building (curtain walls). The heat caused by direct sunlight is reduced by a wide roof overhang, so that direct sunlight radiation can be reduced to a minimum.

This roof concept is used to unite 3 elements of an old building into one unit and are connected to each other, namely:

  1. Administration Building, Head’s room, Ismail Suko hall;
  2. The new library building has 6 (six) floors;
  3. Reference building, Wan Ghalib hall.

The three elements of the building are folded into one unit with a roof that soars open upwards, as in the following picture:

The shape of the column/pole that branches at the top end of the building is a symbol/metaphor for the shape of the selembayung roof which is the main ornament/element of Malay architectural buildings. Selembayung has a shape like two upturned hands which symbolizes the close relationship between living creatures and the creator ( Al-Khaliq ).

Selembayung lucky title

Standing at the tip of the Malay river

Upholding dignity and spirit.

The institution’s upright customs do not wither

As long as the stairs of the gods

The place where the rainbow of wisdom descends

Standing tall and lucky

There is a true Malay sovereign

Meanwhile, the main pillars which structurally function as roof supports, take architectural concepts from Malay traditional houses.

Concept Explanation

REHAL AL ​​QURAN is a philosophical teaching of Islam which basically recommends its followers to always learn by reading, as in the history of the revelation of the holy verses of the Qur’an for the first time, Surah Al-Falaq verses 1 – 4. Which was later manifested in the form of a roof a building that houses both new buildings and existing buildings that are maintained (Administration Building and Reference Building).

Rehal Al Qur’an answers the conceptual basis of the design planning for the construction of the Riau Province Library and Archives Building, which implies Islamic architectural style as one of the priorities. The columns that branch at the top end are a metaphorical form adopted from the selembayung roof, typical Malay architecture, which has an upward (looking up) expression, the relationship between creatures and Al-Khaliq (the Creator). The use of glass material in the curtain wall system on most of the building surface (non-conventional material, and Open Space on the ground floor, gives the image as if the building is lifted from the surface (floating), fulfilling the criteria for a Modern Architectural Building. The use of a semi-glass facade trasfaran, inviting people’s interest to see the activities inside the building, thereby creating an impact on the love of reading which in the future will improve the quality of human resources in the people of Riau Province so that the purpose of establishing this Library Building, as a center for Malay Science and Cultural Information, can be achieved with a metaphorical roof from the Rehal Al Qur’an (Islamic), Modern and Contextual to Local (Malay) Architecture, it will become one of the Regional Landmarks but does not beat the main regional Landmark, namely the Riau Governor’s Office Building. The new Library and Archives Building will support it the existence of a pre-existing main building.

Traditional Ornament Concept

As a modern building that does not leave behind the characteristics of Malay culture, this library will become a reference library for Malay culture, which is the root of Indonesian culture and language which has high values, the Riau Provincial Library building has historical and educational values. , Art and culture. As a building that has a high value, the Soeman HS Library Building, Riau Province, can be grouped into the “Monumental” building category. As a monumental building and a source of pride for the people of Riau, in the building construction planning there are elements of history, religion, education, culture and art which are depicted in the form of RELIEF.

With bismillah the beginning of the pen

Praise and gratitude for the natural beauty

The poem breaks down the word diandam

Custom-Embroidery Board embroidering

The presence of Allah is worshiped and praised

As tall as Riau’s perfume

Fragrant like a resam azali

Maritime customs

Comprehensive coverage of Siak-Indragiri

Kuantan rock is rooted

Adat and Sharia are studied side by side

Pinang is a state fortune

The story of the beginning of the institution

Laying out the Malay tampuk raya

The core state of Si-Riau Lingga

To the estuary of Kampar the throne shook

A place for Riau’s cheerful poets

Dhikr and didin accompanied by tambourine

Celempong is playing everywhere

It’s noisy and noisy

Its history is the land of Indrasakti

The residence of Raja Ali Haji

The book written by Gurindam was copied

Eternally vibrant Riau Malay

Keep up the tradition of connecting to the board

Widespread the ocean shelf

The size of the South-North country

From Kuantan to Natuna

How happy the tribe is

East and West are united

The peninsula extends from Kuntu

Up to Siak, there are quality levels

Five Worthy Curved Sempena Keris

used the rank of Admiral

The greatness of traditional Riau was forged by Malay culture

beautiful perfect

Broken, growing, disappearing, changing buds

developing national umbrella

Yeast pattern songket cloth, kebaya shirt

Princess clothes

Dyke, mother of pandan folds

Still used in Tambean

Very famous in Bunguran land

Occasional clothes of Sian people

Moleh broke the reins

In Pasir Pangaraian, there are areca nut chains

Carvings of princesses being proposed to by people

It is a good custom to have a leveled land

Bono roared at the mouth of Rokan

The hum of fishermen in the land of Bagan

Kuok and Pangkalan farmers sing

Bermaanglah Nyiur in Tembilahan

Bengkalis Island is also narrated

The flesh is sweet over and over again

Amar is famous as an assembly

Traditional institutions display keris

Siak weaving at the top of bamboo shoots

Girl walking wearing a headscarf

Pending at the waist is continuous

Sit on your neck crookedly

Daik virgin girl with henna finger

Sitting embroidering on the silk fabric

Rainbow scarves are always worn

Everything is clever

In Hulu Bintan, Piring City

Originally from Riau, Beranting Country

The Institution’s customs grew hand in hand

Raja nan Baroh holding a spear

Several reliefs surrounding the Soeman HS Library Building,


Several reliefs surrounding the HS3 Soeman Library Building

Several reliefs surrounding the HS2 Soeman Library Building

Several reliefs surrounding the HS1 Soeman Library Building

Several reliefs surrounding the Soeman HS Library Building

The Origin of the Grandest Library in Riau (Soeman HS Library)

Awards : The work of the nation’s children, in the form of the Soeman HS Library Building, is a source of pride not only for Riau Province but also for the Indonesian people, this is an award at both national and international levels, especially in the field of architecture, namely:

The Soeman HS Library Architecture Sector in Pekanbaru, Riau, beat 19 participants from eight countries in Southeast Asia in the selection of architectural designs that reflect ASEAN identity. The design of the library building is considered successful in highlighting local cultural characteristics, without abandoning elements of modernity and quality carpentry. The Riau Library received a total score of 580.1 from eight judges. The second winner, The Myat Mingalar Hotel in Myanmar, scored 577.7, while the third winner, Wika Leadership Center from Indonesia, scored 574.9. In this competition, judges from Indonesia cannot judge designs from their own country, nor can other judges judge works from their respective countries. One of the judges, Professor of Architecture at the University of the Philippines, Jose Danilo A Silvestre, said that the design of the Riau library reflects the integration of two symbols, the rehal or Al-Quran reading mat at the top and the symbol of Malay houses. “This shows high expression and innovation, which is rooted in Malay culture. “It’s not purely traditional because there are elements of modernity,” he said after the assessment session in Jakarta, Thursday (26/2). The judge from Brunei, Haji Roslan bin Datu Hulubalang Haji Abdul Wahab, said the same thing. He assessed that the Soeman HS Library in Riau gave new life to the existing building and was given new uses. “All these elements are covered by one rehal-shaped roof,” he said. The architectural design selection was attended by eight ASEAN member countries. Chairman of the jury, Budi A Sukada, said that there were 20 building designs registered by eight countries, namely Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei and Cambodia. The twenty building designs will be exhibited touring ASEAN countries. (IVV)

Apart from that, there is also Nugra Jasa Dharma Pustaloka, from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as Public Service Compliance from the Head of the Indonesian Ombudsmen, Riau Representative.


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