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8 Libraries with the Largest Collections in Indonesia – Reading is one of the most beneficial activities we can do in our free time. It is not surprising that many schools and educational institutions always encourage their students to increase their knowledge by reading more.

Reading books on electronic devices has become a lifestyle in modern society.

Reading books or magazines now doesn’t need to be complicated, you only need your cell phone or tablet computer. Rather than carrying books in your bag, of course your electronic devices are more practical and lighter.

But did you know that there is one fun activity that is often missed by electronic device users who prefer to read on their gadgets.

Yes, visiting the library is an activity that not many people do anymore.

However, reading books from electronic devices is not always better than reading books in the library. In libraries, for example, you can find various collections of books that are not available in digital versions.

Moreover, if you remember that there are various libraries in Indonesia that are extraordinarily complete. Come on, let’s check out the 8 libraries with the largest collections in Indonesia.

1. National Library of the Republic of Indonesia – Jakarta

View of National Library of Indonesia - Global Times

The history of the National Library (National Library of the Republic of Indonesia) began with the founding of the Bataviaasch Genootschap on April 24 1778. The National Library now stands on 16,000 square meters of land and rises to the 9th floor.

This library is the first and most complete library in Jakarta.

You can find any book here, whether textbooks, history books, encyclopedias, or general reading; all of them are in the National Library. According to the latest report, the total collection is estimated at 1,100,00 ex, and the number of employees is 700 people.

The facilities offered are no joke; there is a reading room, waiting lobby, and presentation room.


Address: Street Salemba Raya No. 28 A, Senen, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

2. Soeman HS Library – Pekanbaru

Soeman HS Library

The Soeman HS Library is one of the national libraries and archives with provincial library status.

This library has 6 floors to fulfill public facilities in the form of regional libraries, which at that time in Riau did not yet have a fairly representative building. The unique shape of the building is its own attraction.

Reading here, you will also be accompanied by views of the city of Pekanbaru which can be seen from the wide glass walls that surround the building.


Address: Street Cut Nyak Dien, Jl. Cut Nyak D, Pekanbaru City, Riau

3. University of Indonesia Library – Depok

University of Indonesia Central Library / Denton Corker Marshall | ArchDaily

Kristal Ilmu (Crystal of Knowledge) is the central library of the University of Indonesia (UI) which is also called the largest library in the world.

This library occupies 2.5 hectares of land, with a building area of ​​33,000 square meters and was inaugurated on May 13 2011.

This library began construction in June 2009.

This library contains 5 million books, is also equipped with a reading room, as well as 100 quiet rooms for lecturers and students, coupled with a very comfortable atmosphere that attracts readers to visit here.

The futuristic building also really attracts attention.


Address: Crystal of Knowledge Building, UI Campus – Depok

4. Bandung Institute of Technology Library – Bandung

File:ITB library building.JPG - Wikipedia

The ITB library is not much different from the UI library which houses millions of student collections of books and papers.

You can find the results of theses, theses and dissertations from ITB students and alumni easily in the ITB library building.

This library is especially visited by many ITB students who are completing their final assignments


Address: ITB Central Library Building, JL. Ganesha, No. 10, Bandung

5. St. Petersburg Library Ignatius – Yogyakarta

Kolese St. Ignatius

Not only in the capital city, one of the most complete libraries in Indonesia is located in the educational city, Yogyakarta.

Also known as the Kolsani Library, this library has an extensive collection of academic literature, philosophy, religion, politics, and so on.

This library even provides readings about the Islamic religion of the 20th century that are much more complete than other libraries.


Address: Street Abu Bakar Ali No.1, Kotabaru, Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta

6. Grhtama Pustaka – Yogyakarta

Perpustakaan Grhatama Pustaka | Foto, Lokasi, Rute, Harga Tiket, & Fasilitas

Another most complete library in Yogyakarta, Grhatama Pustaka.

Inaugurated on January 4 2016, this library, which is said to be the largest library in Southeast Asia, was immediately visited by the people of Yogyakarta who were waiting for its opening.

Apart from an extensive book collection, this library is also equipped with open and closed discussion rooms. Visitors can use it as a place to do assignments, while in the east wing outside the library there are gazebos that can be used for discussions too.


Address: Street Janti No. 344, Banguntapan, Yogyakarta

7. Freedom Institute Library – Jakarta

Interior Library of Freedom Institute, Menteng Jakarta | Flickr

This library, which is located in Central Jakarta, is also the most comfortable place and is recommended for those of you who want to obtain information through books and magazines.

This library building is also known as the Public Library Building.

With a collection of hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic books, you will definitely enjoy your visit to this library.

The building is beautiful and equipped with excellent facilities such as sofas and a Wi-Fi network, making it one of the libraries that is a target for hang-outs for Jakarta’s young people.


Address: Jl. Proclamation No.41, Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

8. Comic Cafe – Jakarta

8 Kafe Buku di Jabodetabek yang Cocok untuk Bookworm

It’s not just about books with an educational theme, there is one of the most complete libraries in Indonesia that you must visit if you are a fan of comics or manga.

Located in Tebet, Jakarta, Comic Café is said to be a paradise for Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and even Korean comic lovers.

Starting from ancient comics that are very rare to the latest releases from abroad, you can find everything here. You can also enjoy your reading while eating the dishes offered at affordable prices.

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