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Looking at the 5 Best Libraries in Indonesia with Modern Facilities – As a window to the world, reading books is a requirement to open windows and broaden your horizons so that you can understand various kinds of problems. Reading books can be done when we have free time. It is not surprising that many schools and educational institutions always encourage their students to increase their knowledge by reading more.

As times progress, where technology is also becoming more sophisticated, it is not surprising that reading books can be done using electronic devices alone. This activity is considered more practical than having to carry a book. But, did you know that visiting the library is an activity that is no less exciting than reading stories via electronic devices?

Best Library in Indonesia

Talking about libraries, for book lovers, libraries are heaven on earth. Where, they can read as much as they like, look for the books they want, and even borrow them to read at home. So, this time it would be fun if we discussed the best libraries in Indonesia. Moreover, the building is equipped with modern facilities that make visitors feel at home there for a long time. 

Apart from that, going to the library can also help you to find various book collections that are not available in digital versions, you know. So, which are the best libraries in Indonesia? So, if you want to know the answer, let’s read the following explanation until the end.

1. University of Indonesia Library – UI, Depok

Berkunjung Ke Perpustakaan Universitas Indonesia (UI) | Seputar Perpus

Let’s start with the library located on the University of Indonesia campus. This building was built in June 2009 and inaugurated on May 13 2011. Have you visited here? 

The history of the UI Library has gone through a long process since 1959, when the leadership of Faculty and Institutional Libraries at the University of Indonesia held their first meeting at the University President’s Bureau to discuss library organization. As is usual for an organization, changes and institutional developments in the UI Library go hand in hand with the development of UI itself.

As is known, the building with the name “Crystal of Knowledge” is equipped with 3-5 million book titles, a reading room, 100 silent rooms, a garden, a restaurant, a bank and a bookstore. Interestingly, this library has a total of eight floors, where each floor has its own facilities. On the first floor, there is a circulation area, where this place is used to return books that have been borrowed.

Apart from that, this library is also equipped with various other facilities, such as a multimedia room equipped with sophisticated computers, seminar and workshop rooms, and wifi connection. If you feel hungry while reading, you don’t need to go far to look for food. Because, this library is also equipped with a food court and coffee shop. Even though it is located within the University of Indonesia area, The Crystal of Knowledge is not only intended for UI students, but can also be accessed by the public.

Quoted from the page , he said that the main principle of the UI Library is that it is the most open and democratic public space for all UI citizens, a place to explore knowledge and mine knowledge which is ultimately transmitted to humanity. In this way, the UI Library focuses more on managing activities supporting the development of human quality through education and research, as well as providing facilities and facilities as meeting points and learning commons for all users from various scientific disciplines.

2. Soeman HS Library, Pekanbaru

3 Fakta Unik Perpustakaan Soeman HS Riau, Perpustakaan Terbaik se Asia  Tenggara dan Muat 1.000 Pengunjung - Banyuwangi Network

The Soeman HS Library is located on Jalan Jenderal Soedirman number 462, Pekanbaru, Riau. Inaugurated on October 28 2008 by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, this library with a magnificent architectural design is the most magnificent library in Indonesia, you know. In fact, the name of this library is taken from the name of a writer and national fighter from Riau of Tapanuli descent, namely Soeman Hasibuan.

This public library, which is one of the landmarks of Pekanbaru City, has a quite unique building shape. Because its shape resembles an open book with many large pillars, it is the main attraction of this library building. 

The Soeman HS Library building consists of six floors, and is equipped with facilities such as a public library, children’s library, student library, Energy Corner (Chevron Library), educational room, auditorium, Malay room (a special room for Malay cultural literature), atrium, meeting room, discussion room, audio visual room, internet room, CCTV, and also an elevator. Not only that, Soeman HS also has a cafeteria and a special room for children. So, are you interested in visiting this library?

3. Grhatama Pustaka – Yogyakarta

Grhatama Pustaka

Yogyakarta as an educational city has a number of facilities to meet the needs for scientific information, one of which is a library. Grhatama Pustaka is one of the locations that could be an alternative for getting facilities related to education and recreation.

The construction of the library building cost IDR 72.5 billion. Reported on the website , Grhatama Pustaka which is located on Jalan Janti, Banguntapan, Bantul, was inaugurated by the Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) Sultan Hamengkubuwono Sri Sultan HB

The architecture of the building, which was built on an area of ​​2.4 hectares, has a blend of modern and traditional nuances. This building, which was built in 2012, is characterized by 4 towering minarets which contain the meaning of 4 Javanese perfections including Prakoso which means healthy, strong and tenacious; Wulung which means mature in knowledge and wise in steps; Wangi which means a knight whose name smells good, has smooth words and behavior, always makes others and his surroundings fragrant, Agung which means majestic in attitude, carrier and appearance. 

It is known that this library is open every day, you know. This means you can visit this library every day. You can also find various book collections, ranging from the latest, rare books, to collections of books in Braille. Not only for adults or students, this 3-story library also has one floor specifically for children, complete with various supporting facilities.

4. Freedom Institute Library

Perpustakaan Umum Freedom Institute, Kenyaman Membaca di Tengah Hiruk-pikuk  Ibukota -

The Freedom Institute Library is one of the public libraries founded by the Bakrie Foundation. Located at Wisma Bakrie I, South Jakarta, this library provides 15 thousand book titles from various categories. 

Not only that, this library also has a homey concept and has a modern layout with instagrammable corners, and is covered in Indonesian ethnic touches. For visitors who want to read the book collection at the Freedom Institute, the management does not charge any administration fees at all. However, the books here are only allowed to be read on site, meaning they cannot be taken home.

Now you can visit the Freedom Library from Monday to Friday and closes at 21.00. On Friday, there were lots of visitors to the library. Judging from membership data, 80 percent of visitors are students.

5. National Library of the Republic of Indonesia

View of National Library of Indonesia - Global Times

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia or more commonly known as National Library is the highest national library in the world, because it is under and responsible to the President. Actually, this library was founded in 1980. However, it was only physically implemented in 1981. Until 1987, the National Library was still located in 3 places, namely on Jalan Merdeka Barat 12, Jalan Merdeka Selatan 11, and Jalan Imam Bonjol 1 (now the Proclamation Manuscript Museum). 

Then on March 6 1989, this library was inaugurated by signing a monumentation decree by the President of the Republic of Indonesia through presidential decree Number 11 of 1989. This library has a building 126.3 meters high with a total of 24 floors, including three floors of underground parking, or basement.

As is known, the National Library is a non-ministerial government institution that carries out government duties in the library sector which functions as a supervisory library, reference library, deposit library, research library, preservation library and library network center, and is located in the nation’s capital.

So, those are the five best libraries in Indonesia that you must know about. By visiting the library, our literacy increases, you know. So, to be more enthusiastic about visiting the best library in Indonesia, don’t forget to wear as comfortable an outfit as possible. Bringing a personal drinking bottle or tumbler is also required. That way, we can continue to meet our body’s fluid needs while reading books. Hope it is useful!

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