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7 Libraries with Unique Buildings and Rooms in the World

Apart from visiting natural wonders or ancient architecture, there are several places that might amaze you, namely Libraries . As it is known. A library is a place to store books and other media. Apart from that, there are also physical or digital access materials and physical locations or digital spaces or both.

For book lovers, the library is certainly a favorite place. While some people find libraries boring. But several libraries in the world apparently have aesthetic buildings and rooms.

1. Strahov Monastery Library

This library has existed since the 12th century, or to be precise in 1679. The collection consists of thousands of books from the 16th century, texts printed between 1501 and 1800, manuscripts and various kinds of old globes. Apart from that, the library is also an amazing art gallery and a must-visit for anyone visiting Prague.

The paintings on the walls and ceiling of the Strahov library are the works of Siard Nosecký and Anton Maulbertsch. Meanwhile, the bookcases are carved and plated with gold.

2. Admont Abbey Library

The Abbey Library is one of the oldest and largest libraries in Austria. Founded in 1776 by architect Joseph Hueber. The hall is accented in gold and white with seven domes and intricate limestone carvings throughout.

Stunning wall and ceiling artwork by Bartolomeo Altomonte, and sculptures by Josef Stammel also adorn the library. Apart from its splendor, Admont Abbey also houses an impressive collection of 70 thousand volumes.

3. Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart’s city library was designed by Yi Architects, combining tradition with innovation. The shape is a cube designed with bright nuances. The colors that come from the thousands of books lined up on these shelves make it look like a modern art gallery.

The inspiration came from the Pantheon in Rome, which took a minimalist approach to designing a nine-story library with terraced open reading rooms shaped like an inverted pyramid.

4. George Peabody Library

The library is part of Johns Hopkins University. The building has five floors and holds around 300 thousand volumes of books. Although technically part of the college, any member of the community in Baltimore is free to use the library.

The library’s name comes from the famous philanthropist George Peabody. In 1857, he founded the Peabody Institute, the oldest music conservatory in the United States. He founded the school as a thank you to the citizens of Baltimore.

5. Trinity College Library

This two-story classic-style library features dark wooden arches and an impressive collection. Built in 1733 by Irish architect Thomas Burgh this library holds a collection of more than six million volumes of the oldest books. These include ancient texts, such as The Book of Kells , The Book of Durrow , and The Garland of Howth, a copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic of 1916, as well as Brian Boru’s highly symbolic lyre.

6. Royal Portuguese Reading Room

The library was designed by architect Rafael da Silva e Castro in a neo-Gothic style and inspired by the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. The exterior design, which features dark wood and golden details on three floors of bookshelves, chandeliers, and a stained glass ceiling overhead, is like a book lover’s paradise.

There are 350 thousand volumes of the largest and most valuable collection of Portuguese literature outside Portugal, rare manuscripts, single works and unique testaments lining its shelves to choose from, and you could spend an entire day here.

7. Biblioteca Vasconcelos

The library was completed in 2006, designed and decorated with a collection of art and sculptures by Mexican artists Alberto Kalach and Juan Palomar. The books and shelves at Biblioteca Vasconcelos are arranged in such a way that it looks like a futuristic space in some kind of pixelated alternative reality.

This illusion is in accordance with what Mexican President Vicente Fox said at its inauguration in 2006. That this building is one of the most sophisticated buildings of the 21st century. The collection is 600 thousand books, a gallery of artists, including Ballena, a statue made from a whale skeleton, by Gabriel Orozco.

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