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See 6 libraries in Germany that make “bookworms” feel at home

See 6 libraries in Germany that make "bookworms" feel at home – Apart from being known as an industrial country, Germany is also known as a country of thinkers and poets!

This is because Germany has produced many great and legendary figures of philosophers, poets, musicians, writers and scientists. No wonder this nickname is given to Germany.

Therefore, in Germany we can also find many impressive libraries that even have unique architectural characteristics. In fact, one of the best libraries in the world is in Germany.

Want to know what libraries in Germany you can visit?

1. Stuttgart City Library

This first library in Germany has been named one of the best and most beautiful libraries in the world.

How come? The Stuttgart Stadtbibliothek Library is a public library in the city of Stuttgart which has been established since 2011 and has a minimalist and futuristic building design concept.

This museum is of course also believed to be the best and most magnificent library in Germany. Not only that, this building with a clean white interior is also environmentally friendly, because it has solar panels installed in the middle of the building, which is useful for using sunlight as an energy source.

This library also has hundreds of thousands of book collections, as well as providing various music, films, toys, computers and other digital media. At night, this 9-story library will be filled with colored lights which makes it even more charming.

2. Benedictine Abbey Metten Library

Benediktinerabtei Metten Bibliothek actually has many names. Some call it the Monastery of St. Michael di Metten, Benediktinerabtei Metten, Abtei Metten, or Kloster Metten.

Founded in 766 in Bavaria, and opened to the public in 1726, this monastery, which also has a legendary baroque library, has a very magnificent building architecture and interior design.

Having a large bookshelf and even a collection of books reaching 35,000 volumes, here you can also enjoy the beauty of the statues of allegorical figures of wisdom and religion that tower in the charming roof ceiling paintings.

It is guaranteed that apart from reading books, you will also be treated to the beauty and splendor of the buildings and interior at the Benediktinerabtei Metten Bibliothek.

3. Duchess Anna Amalia Library

The next library in Germany based on its name, this library was dedicated to a Duchess named Anna Amalia since 1991, because of her big role in maintaining this library.

This library itself was founded in 1691 by Duke Wilhelm Ernst. Located in the heart of Weimar, this library houses a wide collection of books, maps, musical manuscripts and lists of the royal family.

However, in 2004 there was a fire, and then the building was renovated and restored until finally in 2007 the library was included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Today, Duchess Anna Amalia’s library has become a library for general research on literature and history, especially German from the Classical and late Romantic eras.

4. Foster at the Free University of Berlin

The Foster Library is another amazing library you can visit in Germany. This library is the library of the philosophy and social sciences department at Freie Universität Berlin.

What is unique about this library is the architectural design by the famous architect Norman Foster who made the building design look like the top of a skull’s head.

Therefore, sometimes this library is also referred to as “The Berlin Brain”. This library has been open since 2005 and has hundreds of thousands of collections of books and journals that can be read by visitors.

Not only that, this library was also built with natural ventilation and uses buildings that can recover heat because it can reduce energy use.

5. Duke August Library

The Herzog August Bibliothek is one of the oldest libraries in the world, located in Wolfenbüttel.

Based on its name, this library was founded by Herzog (noble title) August who was a book collector during his lifetime, from 1579 to 1666.

Even at that time, this library was one of the largest libraries in Europe and was widely visited because of its collection of medieval books.

Now this library has become one of the leading cultural and historical research centers in the world where many well-known scientists research in this library.

Active and optimistic in producing scientists and writers as well as experts in other fields, this library even has a scholarship program that has been running for around 30 years, and is intended for students to continue their study careers.

6. Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences Görlitz

The last library in Germany, the Oberlausitzische Bibliothek der Wissenschaften, is a large scientific library with around 150,000 volumes.

This library, which is located near Dresden, the city of Görlitz, was founded by historian and writer Karl Gottlob Anton and a landowner who was interested in geography, Adolph Traugott von Gersdorf to support the advancement of science and public knowledge.

Although initially the library was intended to only be accessible to the local community, now the library is open to the public and anyone can access this library.

Having various collections and text books from various disciplines, this library also stores historical maps, archives and historical documents and even archaeological collections such as ancient pottery.

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