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How to Reserve & Register Members at the Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Public Library

How to Reserve & Register Members at the Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Public Library

The capital city of Jakarta has rows of libraries with abundant book collections. One thing that young people often visit to broaden their horizons is the Jakarta Public Library in Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Cikini, Central Jakarta, which has attracted quite a lot of attention in recent times.

Since opening on July 8 2022, this library has never been empty of visitors. The reason is that this place is not only a building that collects thousands of books, but also a public space that the public can enjoy with various interesting facilities.

The building which is part of the Panjang Building in the TIM area is located on floors 3-6. Meanwhile, various facilities that can be enjoyed are open reading rooms, children’s playrooms, privacy rooms, podcast rooms , special reading rooms for people with disabilities, community rooms and collection areas.

Meanwhile, in terms of book collections, compiled from its official Instagram account, the Jakarta Library has 38,000 book titles, consisting of approximately 190,000 copies. For operational hours, the library is open from 09.00-17.00 WIB. But, you can’t visit there directly, Genhype. Because you have to make a reservation first, here’s how.

How to Make Online Reservations

  • Open the Jaklitera application or the page.
  • Click on the ‘Account’ feature located in the section below.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can register by entering your username/NIK/Kitas number and password. But if so, then immediately select ‘Sign in’.
  • If you can enter the portal, click ‘Explore’ and fill in the guest book provided by the page.
  • Enter the desired visit date in the form section, select Jakarta Cikini Library, then type in your NIK.
  • Once completed, a QR code will appear which can later be used for check-in when visiting the Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Public Library.

Apart from making a reservation, it would be a good idea for you to also be included in the Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Public Library membership list, Genhype . Because by becoming a member, you can borrow books you haven’t finished reading to take home.

Not only that, you also have more facilities, including being able to directly choose a visit schedule, use the multimedia and multifunction room facilities, and even operate the computers there. Here are the steps.

How to register for membership 

  • Open the Jaklitera application or visit the page.
  • If you are not yet registered as a member, register by clicking ‘Register’. Fill in your personal data in the form of NIK, Full Name, WhatsApp Number, User Name, Email and Password.
  • Click ‘Next’ to obtain the OTP code via email.
  • Confirm the OTP code via the link that goes to the amil that has been listed.
  • Next, verify your personal data by uploading a photo of yourself in close up format , then click ‘Complete Personal Data’.
  • For people who have KTPs outside DKI Jakarta, they are required to upload KTPs and domicile certificates or certificates showing that they work or study in Jakarta.
  • Fill in the complete address that matches your KTP address, then click ‘Done’.
  • If registration is successful, you will receive Verified status via email or check your respective Jaklitera account.

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