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10 Most Unique Mobile Libraries in the World

10 Most Unique Mobile Libraries in the World

Library WorldWhen you hear the words Mobile Library, maybe in your mind you will remember the mobile library cars managed by regional libraries or owned by NGOs.

Usually, some of these mobile libraries use cars as a means of transportation.

However, you need to know that in this world there are several unique forms and models of mobile libraries and sometimes they can be said to be unique and strange mobile libraries.

This may be because the shape of the mobile library is strange and unique, unlike most mobile libraries that we often encounter.

People who generally see mobile libraries in the form of cars, of course it will be strange to see mobile libraries that use animal power, and in other strange forms.

However, it should be noted that the aim of all those who create unique libraries is with the same goal, namely to introduce a reading culture to their community.

With the unique and strange phenomenon of mobile libraries, what the public must understand is that there are many ways to bring books and libraries closer to the community and even to the regions.

One way is to create a mobile library with a unique shape that is sometimes considered strange.

The following are the 10 Most Unique Mobile Libraries in the World as quoted from   [18/1/15].

Unique Mobile Libraries in the World

#1. Weapons of Mass Instruction


The form of this Mobile Library called Weapons of Mass Instruction (WMI) is very, very unique. The unique thing about this mobile library is that it is shaped like a wartime tank.

This Mobile Library is in Argentina. You can find this unique library on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The idea of ​​the Mobile Library was created by Ford Falcon who created WMI.

The concept of a mobile library, which has attracted a lot of public attention, is quite simple, namely by making the frame of the vehicle into a bookshelf so that the books included form the body of the car. Cool isn’t it?

#2. Donkey Mobile Libraries


What do you think of when you hear the word donkey?

Maybe some people think that donkeys are always associated with stupidity. But in Ethiopia, donkeys are actually close to books and knowledge. This is because one of the mobile libraries here uses donkeys to pull the Mobile Library service.

This mobile library with donkeys is located in Ethiopia, this mobile library is named Donkey Mobile Libraries. This mobile library began operating in 2006.

Currently, this mobile library with donkeys has 6 branches and delivers books from school to school, village to village in the Ethiopian region.

#3. The Floating Library 


This Mobile Library is unique because it looks like a small floating boat. From its shape, it can be seen that this mobile library serves areas in the waters.

#4. Logos Hope


Perhaps this is the largest and most expensive traveling ship library in the world.

The library, named Logos Hope, is in the shape of a ship that looks very large so it can store thousands of book collections.

Susana on the ship |image:

This mobile library was created to serve people in the islands who cannot be reached by land.

#5. Book Mobile 


The shape of this mobile library is not that strange, but with its large shape and complete facilities, this mobile library is able to become a special attraction for the public to visit.

#6. Tell a Story 



The shape seems very simple, minimalist and almost the same as the shape of mobile libraries in Indonesia, only there are differences, namely in terms of the shape of the car which seems classic and the shape of the bookshelves which also attracts a lot of attention from the people there.

#7. Biebbus 


The shape of this mobile library is almost like a bus in general, but the shape is very unique so that it makes people interested in coming. This Mobile Library consists of two levels, the lower part looks like an ordinary bus, while the upper part looks like a container.

#8. Biblioburro



This unique mobile library is similar to the Donkey Mobile Libraries in Ethiopia, this mobile library is also carried by donkeys to distribute books to remote villages in Magdalena, Colombia.

Luis Soriano is the person behind the emergence of this mobile library. It turns out that he is also a librarian and teacher.

When he arrives in a village, Luis will spread out all his belongings and set up a kind of outdoor library. Children who are thirsty for knowledge are always busy visiting Luis’s library.

#9. Tram Library 



Different from the previous Mobile Library, an old tram in Brno, Czech Republic, was modified into an exciting mobile library.

The library tram travels 70 km every day. Apart from printed books, this mobile library also provides electronic books.

With its uniqueness, this library was awarded by IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) as the most innovative library in marketing in 2014.

#10. II Bibliomotocarro 


His name is Antonio La Cava, a retired teacher from Ferrandina, Italy, who decided to set up a mobile library after he retired. The mobile library he created was created by modifying his personal Piaggio Ape.

This mobile library, named II Bibliomotocarro, first operated around 2003 and at that time only brought around 700 books to rural Italy in the Basilicata region.

When you come to a place, II Bibliomotocarro will make a sound similar to an organ, making people interested in coming.

By creating this unique Mobile Library, of course we deserve to appreciate that they have tried to make various innovations in introducing books and libraries in their way.

We hope that Mobile Libraries in Indonesia can also do the same, of course with different innovation and creativity.

Hopefully, in this way, more and more people will like to read so that people will become smart and make the nation progress through the human resources of their people.

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