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Here are the 5 Most Unique Libraries in the World

Here are the 5 Most Unique Libraries in the World

For some people, visiting the library has several different experiences. There are those who are forced to because of their duties, there are those who are just looking for a place on assignment, or even as a location for stress relief . Since its first discovery in 669 BC in Assyria, libraries have experienced various developments. Starting from the administrative aspect, book collections and unique building architecture. For those of you who see the library as a ‘boring’ place, check it out first, the following unique library will make you really want to visit it!

1. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

Opened in 2011, Stuttgart’s city library is white, modern, spacious, and has many levels connected to each other. With the white base of the room, coupled with its colorful book collection, this library looks striking because of its collection.

2. Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The second is the Royal Portuguese Reading Room, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many consider this library to be one of the most luxurious (yup, most luxurious) libraries in the world. Built in 1837, this library has a wealth of collections related to Portuguese literature. The beautiful and classic design has its own attraction for visitors. If you are the type of person who is ‘anti’ to going to the library, you will change your mind if you visit this library.

3. Abbey Library of Saint Gall, St. Gallen, Swiss

From its architectural design and beauty, it is clear that the ‘age’ of this library is not young. This library which also became a monastery began to exist in 719 AD! With its collection of almost 150,000 books dating from the Middle Ages, a very old book collection that is more than 1000 years old, it is not surprising that this library is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Seattle Central Library, Washington, United States

From classic, move to modern. The Seattle Central Library was only inaugurated in 2004. However, its modern and unique architecture makes this library make its visitors feel at home even if they have to spend hours in it. Even in 2004, Time magazine named this library as the building with the best architecture of that year. In addition, the American Institute of Architects designated the library as one of the 150 architectural wonders of America.

5. Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Kanada

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter films, when you see this library you will immediately think of that film. Located in Canada, this library opened in 1867 with a Victorian Gothic design. Just like the library discussed previously, the beautiful building and design impresses visitors. Starting from the ceiling with unique lights, to the floor made of oak and walnut which makes you feel at home here for a long time. In fact, the majority of visitors come not to read, but to walk around.

Are any of you interested in visiting one of the libraries above? Or you can also start the habit of visiting the library starting from the nearest one, namely the Brawijaya University Library.

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