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List of libraries in Medan, what are they?

List of libraries in Medan, what are they?

A library is a special place or space that is used to maintain or use various collections of books and other sources of information. The library is a destination for pupils, students or the general public in Medan.

Libraries in Medan are available in 2 options, namely libraries under the management of the Medan City Government and libraries under the management of the North Sumatra Government.

The library which is managed directly by the Medan City Government is called the Medan City Government Library and Archives Service. Meanwhile, libraries that are managed directly by the Provincial Government are called the North Sumatra Province Regional Library.

1. North Sumatra Province Regional Library

This library is also known as the regional library or Pusda for students and students in the city of Medan. You can find this library in Medan Maimun District, Medan City.

Pusda was initially established when the North Sumatra Province Library and Archives Service decided to establish this library in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Education, Teaching and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 1956.

After that, a Decree from the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia was issued in 1978 which influenced changes to regional libraries. Dozens of years later, there was a Presidential Decree in 1997 concerning the Decree of the Director of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia so that it changed back to being a regional library until regional autonomy was implemented.

The library in Medan City is open every Monday to Sunday. If you want to visit Monday to Friday, the opening hours are 8 am to 8 pm. Meanwhile, from Saturday to Sunday, it is open from 9 am to 3 pm.

If you want to register at the North Sumatra Regional Library as a member so you can borrow books from the library, you only need to bring your Student Identification Card as a requirement.

The facilities in this library are free internet, prayer room, toilet and lockers for storing items. On the first floor of the library, there is an area for various children’s books and references. Meanwhile, on the second floor of the library, various fiction books are available.

2. Medan City Government Library and Archives Service

The Medan City Government Library and Archives Service is one of the Medan City libraries located in Medan Petisah District, Medan City.

The company was founded in 1972. In accordance with the 2010 regulation from the Mayor of Medan Number 49, the Medan City Government Library has the main task, namely the preparation and implementation of regional government affairs policies, especially regarding libraries.

Its function is to provide support for local government implementation in the library sector. Apart from being tasked with providing public services, this library must also provide free services to the community by improving the facilities and infrastructure in the library, providing the entire collection of library materials, as well as providing published information to the public.

This library’s operational hours are from Monday to Thursday from 07.30 to 18.00. Meanwhile, on Friday, from 07.30 to 17.30. Library visitors on Saturdays can access this facility from 07.30 to 13.00.

This public library is intended to increase interest in reading. Once you become a library member, you don’t need to pay any fees. You can get a membership card for free if you are a resident of the city of Medan with a Medan city ID card.

The Medan City Library provides open services so that any visitor, both library members and non-members, can search for books according to their needs.

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