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Get to know 11 Comfortable Bandung City Libraries

Get to know 11 Comfortable Bandung City Libraries

When doing assignments, you certainly need a comfortable place. If you live in Bandung, there are many Bandung City libraries that could be an option.

Apart from having a comfortable reading room , this library will not empty your pockets. The reason is, as part of public facilities, most Bandung City libraries are free of charge when entering.

11 Bandung City Libraries that are Cozy and Make You Feel at Home

So, which libraries are worth visiting? Come on, check out Bob’s list of recommendations!

1. Bandung City Library and Archives Service

Every city in Indonesia generally has a public library that can be accessed by the public. It’s the same with Bandung City.

Bandung residents can come to the Bandung City Library and Archives Service. The Bandung City Library is located in the center of the city so it is easy to access.

Not only that, this public facility has a fairly lush area because there are lots of trees. This makes the atmosphere feel comfortable and refreshing.

To enjoy various kinds of reading books, you only need to register as a member with your KTP, you know. So, just come to Jalan Seram No. 2, Bandung, Monday – Friday.

2. Gasibu Library, West Java

Gasibu Library, West Java

Looking for a library located in the city center?

It could be that the West Java Gasibu Library is the place you are looking for. The reason is, the Bandung City library is located right in the Gasibu Field area.

With the location being close to Gasibu Field, it is not surprising that a number of people who came were people who had gone for a walk, or were just doing a little exercise at this public facility.

The place is relatively small with a limited number of books. However, that does not reduce the comfort you can get while you are here.

Because, there are lots of chairs for reading and electric sockets for charging your devices.

3. Pitimoss Fun Library

Pitimoss Fun Library

Next, there is the Pitimoss Fun Library which Bob recommends. The Bandung City Library provides various kinds of books, ranging from comics, novels, to magazines.

Later, you can not only read it on the spot, but also take it home on a rental basis.

As for the cost, you don’t need to worry because the price is relatively cheap. You can also get points from every visit or invite friends to join this library.

4. Microlibrary Bima

Microlibrary Bima

Bima Microlibrary is a Bandung City library that could be your next choice. 

This public facility, which can be accessed for free, has approximately 2000 book titles that you can read when visiting.

For your information, this library itself was built by Dompet Duafa.

Not only that, Bima Microlibrary also received the International Award Winning Library award in the public places category.

5. ITB Central Library

ITB Central Library

From the name, you can already guess who the owner of the ITB Central Library is.

Yes, even though it is in the campus area, you can visit the library belonging to one of these well-known universities to read books.

However, to be able to enter, there are several conditions that you must follow. One of them is leaving your KTP or original identity when entering.

The Bandung City Library has a fairly complete collection of academic books, so it is suitable and comfortable for those of you who are writing a thesis or other scientific work.

6. Pustakalana Children’s Library

Pustakalana Children’s Library

Want to bring your children when visiting the Bandung City library? If that’s what you want, Bob highly recommends Pustakalana Children’s Library as the place for you to go.

This library has a fairly complete collection of books, ranging from picture books for children to adults. Apart from that, the place has a comfortable place to read and study.

7. Kineruku


The last recommended Bandung City library is Kineruku. This place provides many references about books, music and films.

This means that the library is often used as a venue for book-loving communities, workshops and music events.

Apart from having a large collection of books, Kineruku provides food and drinks for friends reading books.

Coupled with the atmosphere which is far from the crowds, this library is a must visit for those of you who want to concentrate fully.

8. West Java Province Library and Archives Service

West Java Province Library and Archives Service

Because Bandung is the capital of West Java Province, there is a regional library managed by the provincial government, namely the West Java Province Library and Archives Service. Located in the eastern part of Bandung City, you only need to follow the Soekarno-Hatta National Road and enter Jalan Kawaluyaan.

This provincial library building is quite large and allows you to explore various corners with a complete book collection. The surrounding area is also quite green and calm and there is an additional garden which makes the reading experience more enjoyable. The book collection at the West Java Province Library and Archives Service is very comprehensive, ranging from books for children to adult books.

9. Asia Africa Museum Library

Asian African Museum Library

If you are visiting the Asia Africa Museum, you have the opportunity to increase your knowledge by visiting the Asia Africa Museum Library. This library offers a variety of books covering historical, social, political and cultural topics from countries in the Asia Africa region and beyond. Apart from that, this library also stores documents related to the Asian-African Conference and its predecessor conferences.

Apart from that, the Asia Africa Museum Library carries out various collaborations, such as with the Indonesian Mata Hati Foundation, Rotary, and Abiyoso Braille Publishing House. This initiative aims to support museums in providing services to people with disabilities, so that everyone can visit these libraries without obstacles.

10. Tobucil & Klabs

Tobucil & Klabs

Tobucil & Klabs is a destination that will definitely be of interest to book fans in Bandung. Here. You can get books that cover general knowledge and arts. The existence of various workshops and classes such as writing and public speaking classes is another reason why you should visit Tobucil.

This place has been operating since 2001, and apart from being a place to find books, this place also functions as a meeting center for craftsmen and communities in Bandung.

11. Bandung Creative Hub

If you are looking for a comfortable library in Bandung, you can visit Bandung Creative Hub. The six-story building will be a paradise for creative people in the city of Bandung. This colorful building with a unique architecture is designed to be a forum for developing creativity, education and laboratories for various creative industry sectors.

Bandung Creative Hub was first inaugurated on December 28 2017. In this building there is a library which can be a recommendation to visit, with a comfortable place and the books provided are always updated. 

Not only that, Bandung Creative Hub also provides facilities that can be used, such as exhibition space, film screening room, music studio, recording studio and several workshop rooms which are equipped with other supporting things such as animation, fashion and photography sub-sectors.

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