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5 Libraries in Jogja, Comfortable and Increase Insight

5 Libraries in Jogja, Comfortable and Increase Insight

Jogja not only pampers tourists with its beautiful panorama. But it is also a comfortable city for book lovers. In almost every corner of the city, there are libraries that are comfortable and easily accessible to the public.

Even in Malioboro, which is full of shophouses, there is a comfortable reading spot in the middle. Want to know which libraries are comfortable in Jogja? Here are some references!

1. Grhatama Pustaka

As one of the largest libraries in Indonesia, Grhatama Pustaka has facilities and a book collection of up to 180 thousand titles. This library consists of three floors and was built on 2.4 hectares of land.

Inside there are various comfortable spots for reading. There is a large courtyard, music room, audio visual room for film screenings. Starting from the children’s zone on the 1st floor, library services and braille book collections for people with disabilities on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor, there are rows of new/old book collections.

There is also a large yard, music room, audio-visual room for film screenings and public facilities, such as toilets, prayer room, playground and lockers. The conditions for registering to become a member of this library are very easy, you know, you have to have a Jogja domicile ID card.

Location: Jalan Janti Number 344 Banguntapan, Bantul

2. Jogja City Southern Regional Alternative Library (PEVITA)

Recently opened, this alternative library has a fairly comfortable and spacious space for reading. PEVITA is open 20 hours a day to serve the community, especially students and students who need some book references. The book collection in it is quite large and complete.

The facilities available are also complete and child friendly. There are playground facilities and a reading room for children. There are also internet booths that can be used to search for information in cyberspace. There are toilets, prayer rooms and cafeterias provided for visitors.

Location: Jalan Mayjend Sutoyo Number 32, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta

3. Yogyakarta City Library

Located in the center of the city, the Yogyakarta City Library is flanked by several universities and schools in Yogyakarta. This library has various types of books that can be borrowed to take home. There is also a reading room there, although it is not very big, it is comfortable enough to use. This library can be accessed by children, teenagers and adults. There are two floors in this library owned by the Yogyakarta City government. The first floor is filled with various genres of books for adults such as literature, law, psychology, philosophy and others. Meanwhile, the 2nd floor is a special children’s area. Here, there are lockers provided specifically for storing visitors’ belongings. Like PEVITA, the Yogyakarta City library is also open 20 hours a day. To borrow books, you must have a library card with a Jogja domicile ID card.

Location: Jalan Suroto number 9 Kotabaru,  Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta

4. Jogja Library Center

Located among the shophouses on Jalan Malioboro, the Jogja Library Center is a fun place to read owned by the Yogyakarta Special Region government. Different from other libraries, here has a diverse collection of magazines and newspapers published since 1945.

Almost all of the collections here have been converted to digital, so that visitors can easily find the magazine/newspaper they want. This is also because some archives are quite old and susceptible to damage. Even though you can read on site, visitors cannot borrow the archives/books here to take home.

The building occupied by the Jogja Library Center is a former old bookstore called Kolf Bunning. It’s not surprising that the exterior and interior look classic, with a vintage feel. You can read comfortably here as well as hunt for photos with classic backgrounds. If you want to visit, the Jogja Library Center is open Monday-Saturday, from 08.00-16.00 WIB, except Friday and Saturday only until 14.30 WIB.

Location: Jalan Malioboro number 170, Yogyakarta

5. Modern Study House

If you are looking for a comfortable place to read and study for children and adults, the Modern Learning House could be the answer. This library provides books, games and a playground for children.

The modern study house also provides free internet and WiFi booths that children can use to surf for information. The book collection is quite complete and the place is comfortable. Open Monday-Saturday from 08.00-16.00 WIB.

Location: Jalan Imogiri Barat km 6 Semail, Bangunharjo Village, Kapanewon Sewon, Bantul

Apart from being a place to read and seek knowledge. Several libraries in Jogja have turned into family educational tourism destinations on weekends, you know. Come on, take advantage of your time to go to the library above.

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