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5 Modern Libraries in Jakarta that You Must Visit

5 Modern Libraries in Jakarta that You Must Visit

The library is a destination that must be visited by book lovers. Apart from adding reading material, many people visit the library because of its comfortable location and instagrammable architecture.

In Jakarta, there are several libraries that have a modern style. Starting from the style of the building to the system implemented by the library, it has gone digital.

With modern architecture and more sophisticated systems, it will certainly invite people to visit the library frequently and read books diligently. According to the website of the Directorate General of Middle Schools, Ministry of Education and Culture, here are recommendations for modern libraries in Jakarta that must be visited. Come on, check it out!

Modern Library in Jakarta

1. National Library

The National Library or National Library has collections in various forms such as manuscripts, books, monographs, sound recordings, cartographic materials, electronic sources, to micro forms.

The National Library is also known for frequently holding discussion activities, talk shows, and even watching movies together. The location of the National Library is located at l. Medan Merdeka Selatan. No.11, Gambir, Gambir District, Central Jakarta City.

Before visiting the National Library, detikers can check the availability of the books they want to borrow via the page

2. Jakarta Regional Public Library

The Jakarta Regional Public Library or Perpus Jakarta is located in the Taman Ismail Marzuki Complex, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This library will only reopen in 2022 after being restored by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The Jakarta Library has more than 190,000 copies of books consisting of 38,000 book titles. Not only book collections, the Jakarta Library often presents various interesting programs.

To view book stock, activity agendas, and information on locations and service times of the Jakarta Library, detikers can access the site .

3. Ministry of Education and Culture Library

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud) also has a modern library with a complete collection. The Education and Culture Library has a collection of around 200,000 books, including printed books, digital books, journals, electronic journals, newspapers, magazines and others.

If detikers want to see what collections are in the Library of Education and Culture, you can access or

4. UI Library

The University of Indonesia (UI) campus has a library which is sought after by many students. The reason is, the UI Library in Depok has around 1.5 million collections.

Students can find various sources of reading and information such as classic books, reference books, textbooks, theses, research reports, papers, publications, speeches, theses, final assignments, journal articles, electronic books, magazines, journals, bulletins, multimedia, manuscripts, until the proceedings.

Not only complete in terms of collections, the UI Library also has facilities that can attract the interest of many visitors. For example, ancient manuscript collection room, multimedia classroom, Korean Corner multimedia room, meeting room, discussion room, collection room, and reading room.

5. Erasmus Huis Library

This library is also used as a Dutch Cultural Center. So the Erasmus Huis library has many English reading sources.

There are a total of 15,000 book titles that can be enjoyed by literacy fans in this library. Apart from books, this library also has a collection of newspapers, magazines and Dutch literature.

So, those are five modern libraries in Jakarta that are interesting for detikers to visit. Welcome.

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