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The Grandest Library in Southeast Asia

The Grandest Library in Southeast Asia

Soeman Hs Library – is one of the national libraries and archives with provincial library status. This library was built by the Riau Provincial government. This library was built with the Riau APBD which was budgeted for the Riau Reading education movement. This library has 6 floors to fulfill public facilities in the form of regional libraries, which at that time in Riau did not yet have a representative building.

In 2008, Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla came to inspect and inaugurate the Soeman Hs Library. Apart from being a reading room, this library is also a public space for the community. The unique design is inspired by an Al-Quran reading mat, at first glance it also resembles an open book.

Soeman H.S Riau Library Building Model

For those of you who want to visit Pekanbaru Riau, don’t forget to stop at a magnificent building in the center of Pekanbaru City. At first glance, this building would not be mistaken for a library. The architecture of this building is more similar to a luxurious and magnificent office building. A building with very typical Malay ornaments. Maybe people would think that the building was a meeting hall.

This regional library in Riau is called the Soeman Hs Regional Library. Previously known as the Regional Library. However, after this magnificent building was ready to be built, the name was changed to Pustaka Daerah Soeman Hs. This regional library building is located in the center of Pekanbaru City, precisely on Jalan Sudirman, next to the Riau Province governor’s office building. This very strategic place adds more value to this library.

The Riau government is very committed to the mental and character development of its population. Even though Riau is currently in the spotlight because the PON event has been stalled due to the construction of stadiums and other facilities supporting major sports events that have not yet been completed. In fact, this event has claimed the lives of several people who are said to have taken money from development funds. The corruptors have also been tried. This incident itself cannot be a big stumbling block and then make the people of Riau slump.

Libraries are a manifestation of seriousness in developing the field of education. Without a library, the development and development of science might be hampered. With this library, ancient books and the lives of ancient people can be known. A library is not a museum, however, its old books can open the readers’ eyes to what happened in the past. Knowledge of the past is a lesson that history will repeat itself if not studied and avoided. How to avoid it if you don’t know that something like that has actually happened.

Grandest and Pilot Project

The Soeman Hs Riau Province Regional Library can be said to be the library in the most magnificent area in Indonesia, as well as being used as a pilot project for library development throughout Indonesia. The architectural design of this library building is quite unique, combining Islamic and modern Malay culture. The dome of the building is designed to resemble an open book, or on the one hand it is also more similar to the shape of a rehal (a small bench for reading the Koran). The Soeman Hs Regional Library was built on six floors with the capacity of each floor to accommodate a thousand visitors.

It’s truly a joy to see people flocking to the library. For writers, they will feel proud when their books can enter the library which is often visited by people from various walks of life. These books will certainly increase the knowledge of the readers. From the reading material, it is hoped that readers will have constructive character. Indirectly, the authors educate their readers to continue to hone what is within themselves so that this potential will be increasingly useful for themselves and others.

Not only is it luxurious, the most magnificent library building in Indonesia also has complete facilities that can be given a thumbs up, including facilities; children’s library, public library, educational room, student library, Malay culture room, atrium, auditorium, discussion room, audio visual room, meeting room, CCTV, WiFi in every room, canteen, prayer room, internet room cafe, and five star-like toilets. The point is that if you visit this library, visitors will not suffer any loss. This place has become a new recreation park for all the people of Riau.

Maybe not many Indonesian people know about the existence of this library. The Riau government should promote its existence more by including visiting the library as one of the tourist visit agendas. People from outside Riau who visit the library will certainly give their own appreciation and will be amazed that outside Java, there is a very magnificent library that will provide not only knowledge but inspiration for unique Malay life.

This  Riau regional library was inaugurated by Jusuf Kalla and Deputy Governor of Riau Province Wan Abu Bakar in 2008. The name Soeman Hs was taken from the name of a famous writer from the New Pujangga Force who came from Riau, namely Mr. Soeman Hs. The choice of this name is quite appropriate because the existence of Soeman Hs is quite well known. His works are still a reference for school children in Indonesian language lessons. The existence of this library is expected to increase the intelligence of the Riau population.

The government is very aware that the spirit of reading must be motivated and given support. Without the encouragement provided by the government, it would probably be very difficult to get Indonesian people who prefer speech culture to switch to a reading culture. With the existence of this library, it is hoped that there will be quite fundamental changes related to the character of the nation’s children in the future.

Providing education is not easy. Just teachers at school are not enough. Everyone must be able to be a teacher both for themselves and teachers for others. In this case, the government has tried to facilitate everything needed by the world of education, including spending billions of rupiah for a library that can accommodate thousands of people.

Become a Tourist Attraction

The well-known splendor of the Soeman Hs Regional Library building attracts the interest of many people from outside the region to visit it. This library building has even become one of the educational tourist attractions in Riau Province. For those of you who visit Pekanbaru City, it won’t be complete if you don’t stop by the luxurious building where people study. This building has full AC in every corner of the room, making anyone inside feel more comfortable spending time not just reading a book.

Not only is it a reading center for the people of Riau, the Soeman Hs Regional Library also often presents various other educational activities such as educational exhibitions, educational competitions and various other activities that are combined with the Malay cultural values ​​of Riau Province. Don’t be surprised if any time you come to this library the atmosphere in the lobby is similar to a mall. Not only is it flooded with visitors, the outside of the building is also often used for various events like the one above.

The book collection at the Soeman Hs Library which is quite distinctive includes books from Malay culture to famous books such as current best-selling novels which you can find in this library. For those of you who like reading but don’t have enough funds to buy the latest novels, it’s a good idea for you to visit this place to read for free. This facility is deliberately provided by the library as an attraction for visitors.

Anyone can enter this building for free. Not only a place to seek knowledge, the Soeman Hs Riau Library is also quite suitable as a place to rest in the hot sun of Pekanbaru City. Even if, for example, visitors who come from outside the city want to take a break to relieve their tiredness, taking shelter in the Soeman Hs library will be very entertaining. Apart from being happy to see the splendor of a library, the mind also becomes open that there is an ideal library in an area far from the capital city of Jakarta. What are you waiting for? The Soeman Hs Regional Library is your main alternative for recreation to relieve boredom and broaden your insight.

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