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9 Public Libraries in Surabaya

9 Public Libraries in Surabaya

Libraries are not only found in schools or campuses. The following is a series of public libraries in Surabaya.

Libraries exist as a potential means to increase literacy activities. Apart from that, libraries are also an alternative place to read books without having to buy them.

In Surabaya, there are many libraries to meet the literacy needs of the community. Therefore, summarizes a series of libraries that Anda can visit in Surabaya.

Public Libraries in Surabaya:

1. East Java Disperpusip Library

Operating hours, this library is open from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 15.30 WIB. The location of this library is on Jalan Menur Pumpungan No. 32 Surabaya.

For those of you who want to find references for school assignments or college assignments, you can visit the library of the East Java Province Library and Archives Service. You can make a membership card to borrow books at this library.

2. Surabaya City Public Library – Balai Pemuda

This library is located in the center of Surabaya City. Precisely at Surabaya Square, Jalan Governor Suryo No. 15, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng.

This public library operates from 08.00 to 19.00 WIB Monday-Friday and Sunday. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Youth Hall library is open from 08.00 to 19.30 WIB.

There are various kinds of corners, such as children’s library room, children’s play land, and even Korean Corner. The Surabaya City Public Library collection contains more fiction books of various genres.

So, for those of you who like fiction books, you can visit the Surabaya City Public Library at the Youth Hall. To borrow books at this library, you need a membership card and just bring a photocopy of your KTP.

Borrowers with a Surabaya KTP are free of charge. Meanwhile, borrowers with KTPs outside Surabaya will be charged a loan fee of IDR 100 thousand.

3. C20 Library and Collabtive

C20 Library and Collabtive is located on Jalan Dr Cipto 22, Surabaya. This library is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 21.00 WIB.

The concept of this library is like a comfortable home and its design is vintage. This library also has a coworking space concept.

The homey atmosphere, equipped with various plants, makes C20 the right place for working or reading books.

In this library, you can find more than 7 thousand books, magazines, comics, zines, in Indonesian and English. For those of you who want to read and study at the same time, C20 Library also provides a special room equipped with internet facilities and printers, photocopiers and scanners.

4. Bank Indonesia Library Surabaya

This library was previously used as the Mpu Tantular Museum. The Bank Indonesia Surabaya Library has an ancient Dutch building design.

This library is located in the center of Surabaya City, precisely on Jalan Taman Mayangkara No. 6, Darmo, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City. Monday to Saturday open from 08.00 to 16.30 WIB.

At the Bank Indonesia Library, you can read various collections focused on economics, monetary, politics, taxes and applied sciences. Apart from that, this library also presents a collection of literary novels, ranging from works by Ajip Rosidi to Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

5. Medayu Agung Surabaya Library

The Medayu Agung Library is a library founded in 2001 by the Medayu Agung Surabaya Foundation. The Medayu Agung Surabaya Library is located on Jalan Medayu Selatan IV (Perum Kosagrha) No. 42-44 Surabaya. This library is open every day from 9 to noon.

Initially, the book collection in the Medayu Agung Surabaya Library was a private collection belonging to Mr. Oei Hiem Hwie. He is a historian and former journalist in Surabaya during the Old Order.

Now, the Medayu Agung Library has a book collection of more than 10,000 copies. There are also various historical collections from the 1800s, such as newspapers, magazines and historical photos.

6. The Library

The Library combines the concepts of a library and a cafe. There is a collection of books in the form of novels, magazines, comics, motivational books, and so on.

You can read a book while enjoying coffee at The Library. The Library is located in the Ascott Waterplace Lobby, open from 07.30 to 10.00 WIB.

7. Surabaya City Public Library

This library is located on Jalan Rungkut Asri Tengah 5-7. This library operates every day from 08.00 to 19.00 WIB.

Before reading a book in this library, you are required to fill in the guest book electronically, via the computer provided.

This library is divided into two rooms, namely a reading room for children and a general reading room. Collection of books ranging from folk tales, fairy tales, and novels.

In the public reading room, you can find various collections of books on science, philosophy, economics, and so on. You may only borrow 2 books with a maximum return time of 7 days.

8. Flora Park Library

This library is located in one of the parks in the city of Surabaya, namely Flora Park. Precisely located on Jalan Manyar 80 A, Surabaya.

This library has various collections, such as comics, novels and magazines. Flora Park library hours are from 07.30 to 16.00 WIB.

9. Expression Park Library

Expression Park provides literacy support facilities, namely the library located on Jalan Genteng Kali No. 67, Genteng. This library is managed by the Surabaya City Library and Archives Service and has a total collection of 3,412 books.

The book collection in this library is diverse. Starting from language books, religious books, to children’s reading books.

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