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Wow, This is the Smallest Library in the World

Wow, This is the Smallest Library in the World

Maybe we’ve all heard in a record that there is the largest library in the world. However, have Literacy Friends ever heard of the smallest library in the world? Believe it or not, this library is real, you know, Literacy Friends.

Eits, but wait a minute, this record really exists and is not as simple as you imagine. Well, there is a man from Hungary named Jozsef Tari who succeeded in creating the smallest library in the world. Meanwhile, the meaning of the smallest library in the world here is the smallest collection of books in the world, not because the bookshelves are small.

Since 1969, Jozsef Tari has collected various collections of mini books, the average size of which is (2.9 x 3.2 mm). Now he has more than 4500 literature books, all of which are mini-sized, including the 5 smallest newspapers in the world and the smallest book in the world measuring 19 x 26 mm.


Jozsef Tari’s collection of books, measuring 0.11 x 0.12 inches, is in fact very detailed, just like the original. All the mini books he collected came from various genres, such as sports, politics, music and religion.

Of course, these mini books are only used for collection and not really for reading. However, readers who want to read it must use a magnifying glass. You see, these small books are made very small and detailed, but there are still contents and pictures in them.

What’s more unique is that the books by Jozsef Tari are neatly arranged in a special shelf that is small in size per partition. These shelves filled with mini books were later crowned as the smallest library in the world. How interested in visiting the smallest library in the world owned by Jozsef Tari? Greetings Literacy!

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