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Interesting! Here are the 8 Most Magnificent Library Designs in the World

Interesting! Here are the 8 Most Magnificent Library Designs in the World

Libraries are generally a place to store books and other publications arranged based on a certain arrangement that can be read but not for sale. However, with the development of the era, libraries are well designed with all the technological advances that can cheer up the reader’s mood.

Below, 8 libraries in the world that have modern and minimalist designs that will amaze you.

1. Tonami Public Library in Japan

MIKAMI Architects designers designed the shape of the library with a large roof above the library. Behind the large roof, there is a room that connects and faces the main street of Tonami city.

There are two stairs leading to the second floor, you can see the mosaic of red carpet on the ground floor. If you go through the west side of the top floor of this library, you will see the interior design of the library more clearly.

2. Ningbo New Library in China

This magnificent library by SHL has a beautiful garden outside the building with a lake around it. The view also functions as a meditation that allows people to relax from their busy daily lives.

3. Santa Cruz Library in Brazil

The main room of this library is unique because it is like a house on stilts. This room, which is designed in the shape of a large box, allows various events to be held.

The structure of the building made by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos, with steel and plate materials surrounded by a concrete frame, aluminum and glass connections arranged to add to the beauty of the building.

4. Collecting Library in Norway

The library design created by Helen and Hard places a large open space with a covered roof in the center. The architecture of the building is determined by the radial geometry that connects each other.

The facade or face of the building is covered with horizontal wooden slats. The horizontal blades provide a depth effect to the structure.

5. Whitehall Library in the United States

The facade of the library building consists of rectangular metal panels and glass windows. The terracotta layer on the front extends from the outside to the inside and is clad in wood that integrates with light.

The core space of this library is curved and elongated, and on the walls there are also exposed concrete steel columns. The designer of this magnificent library building is Jonathan Barnes Architecture.

6. Vallecas Public Library in Spain

The design of this library building is made with four layers that are applied differently. The facade is closed at the bottom and completely covered with glass at the top to provide natural light during the day.

There are six rooms built in a circle that are dense and soundproof. This space can also absorb light naturally as an open reading area. This building, designed by Exit Architects, is located in the city of Madrid.

7. Kirkkonummi Library di Finlandia

This library was created by JKMM Architects with a main reading room plan consisting of a rhythmic pattern of concrete pillars and beams. Natural light enters the room through a similar column cavity on one side of the building.

The interior, which is made to match the minimalist appearance of the building, is the result of the influence of the western coastal region of Finland. The interior of the room gives a comfortable impression with wooden touches on the roof and walls.

8. Deichman Library in Norway

The library structure has a modern impression, you will see the cantilever on the building facade. From each glass covering the building, a shaft of light is created, thus cutting through the building structure.

The building, designed by Atelier Oslo and Lund Hagen, provides an indoor view of the interior from outside the library. Frosted glass in the interior produces soft, even light throughout the room.

These are some of the libraries with modern and minimalist designs in the world, creating a majestic appearance while remaining comfortable for readers.

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